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Elsa’s outfits

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seeing someone from school in public



A Chinese middle school history teacher draws a world map on blackboard in min

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LAST HEAVEN//Burning Freedom

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NSFW Ship Meme


Who is louder?
Who is more experimental? 
Who takes more risks? 
Do they fuck or make love?
Lights on or off? 
Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?  
Who comes first? 
Who is better at oral and who prefers it? 
Who is more submissive? 
Who usually initiates things? 
Who is more sensitive?

Favorite Eva Green Photos. (x)

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Koichi of MEJIBRAY.

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"The people of Collinsport are my worshippers now. And to them, you’re just a stranger whose afraid of the dark."

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When you waiting on that DNA test and it’s not yours:

When your friend comes thru with the alibi for your lie: 

When you get the last Honeybun:

When yo momma strike up a conversation and it’s not about something you did

When your crush follows you back

When somebody finally text you back

When you go out to eat and they tell you it’s on them

When you see the police and they not lookin for you

When yo fave finally not fucking up

Half Purple and Blue Butterfly